It’s part of the big 3 expenses right?  Home/housing, transportation, and food.  Well I ate a ton today at lunch as part of the Lunar New Year celebration.  I love food but I should be on a diet and also watching what I spend.  Luckily, this one is on the company.


Hello, there.

Hello, and welcome to my site.  Here, I plan to post some of my experiences of how I saved money personally. I’ll share experiences in the workplace (kind of like the office lol), and miscellaneous things I’ve come across in my journey in Escaping the Silicon Valley. I’ll post links to articles related to people leaving Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.  Another personal finance site?  Probably not.  I won’t be giving any finance advice nor do I think, in any way, I’m qualified to.  This is about my experiences.   This is my story on leaving Silicon Valley.  At the time of this posting I currently reside in Silicon Valley.  Heck, I grew up here.  This could be a making of another F.I.R.E blog or maybe not. I know I would like to get there at some point.  So if I do make it, this is how it all gets started.